About My Work:

I consider my photography style to be vivid, warm, and emotion filled with an emphasis on "real" life. My specialties engagements, weddings, and families.

About Me:

I grew up as the oldest child in what most would consider a big family, and I loved every second of it. I have two perfect parents (and yes I really believed they were perfect even as an dramatic teenager), four unique brothers, and two beautiful sisters. I believe that my adoration for my own family is what developed my love for capturing families as they love on each other and add new members.
Growing up, I never really had a romantic side because, honestly, I didn't even have time to think about it. I met my husband-to-be just barely after starting to consider boys as more than little brothers and good company for neighborhood tag. He might as well have told me he wanted to marry me the first time we met because it didn't take him long after that at all. I wouldn't wish that on any 15 year old girl (it kind of freaked me out), but now when I think back on it, I believe it brings out my inner romantic and drives my love for the "love story". Most people aren't as fortunate as me to marry their first date, first boyfriend, and first kiss; but every story I hear is beautiful and unique and perfect. It is my desire to learn and capture the love story of each couple I am honored to photograph in such a way that everyone who sees the photos will see the story; and each couple can look back at their photos, even in the hard times, and remember the way they felt and the beauty of their story.
I have now been happily married for more than 5 years with 2 beautiful babies here on earth and 3 beautiful babies in heaven whom we lost to miscarriage. The good things have made me happy, and the bad things have made me strong. I wouldn't change a part of my story and it is my prayer that you wouldn't either.